Thursday, January 2, 2014


During the time I first met you, you were so naive and curious...
I decided to try and approach you, but I was afraid that you would go furious...

So, I tried to get to know you by knowing the crowd, and I knew then that you're the one...
So, I introduced myself, and really hope that you too would want me to be your number one...

After a while, we had lunch, dinner and even snacks together...
But I haven't told you the reason that I want you forever...

We dated, watch movies, shopping and walked through the park...
I remembered that we walk in the dark...

I knew I've made mistake by not telling you seriously about how I felt...
But I was afraid that the result I could dealt...

So the end of semester came, and we texted...
But somehow I felt we started to drifted apart...

When the semester started again...
The thought of seeing you filled my brain...

But after that one time...
It's like you're just vanished and started to go mime...

I tried to text, I tried to call...
But every actions hit a wall...

You said you were busy with your friend...
But I thought that it was the end...

Then another problem came...
The sympathy started to go a flame...

I tried to solve her problem by changing my status...
But I don't know the consequence to us...

Now you're totally drifted completely away from me...
And I realized that I'm the one who paid the fee...

So, I set to single and reached for the phone...
But should I call her ask for forgiveness for the things I've atone...?

Poem Based On Short Story...

The Sly Husband.

I thought I saw a unicorn,
In our own garden.
It was all alone,
Staring me in our lawn.

I tried to gave him a tulip,
Just to see if it’s going to eat,
At first it resisted,
Then it took the treat.

Feeling shocked,
Feeling amazed,
So I went up with a craze,
To wake you up,
‘coz you’re asleep,
But you said I was a freak?

After a while, you took the bait,
You don’t believe everything I said,
After you dressed, inside your best,
You called the psychiatrist,
Along with the police.

You told them everything I said,
With full of enthusiasm,
But they watched and wait,
Until you stopped,
Then they tried to take you away.

Why are you shocked?
Why are you mad?
Don’t you realized what I planned?
It was a trap,
And I was glad,
That you went into the trap!

No Title Needed.

Today is the anniversary day we first "officially" met...
We watch movie together,
We dine together,
We hang out together.

But now you treat me like a stranger,
You never replied my calls & messages,
You never say hi to me even we ran into each other,

Now you just somebody that I used to know...

Diamante poem.

a.    Day
Bright, sunny
Laughing, playing, working
Up in the east, down in the west
Talking, resting, sleeping
Quiet, dark
b.    Noise
Rowdy, loud
Shouting, fighting, blasting
Chaos, confusion, calm, peaceful
Sleeping, thinking, relaxing
Hushed, tranquil

c.    Water
Wet, deep
Flowing, splashing, swaying
Ocean, lake, forest, island
Growing, stabilizing, living
Hard, dry

Cinquain poem

a.    Car Park
There's no room left
So, we all go in circles,
To find an empty space to park,
Jack pot!
b.    Homework,
Piling slowly,
Been doing it slowly,
One finish, another appear,
Owh my!

c.    Football,
We all love it!
Running, tackling, shooting,
That feel when you score your first goal,


a.    She's so beautiful,
The one in a million,
Could you please be mine?
b.    It is so warm here,
Sweating is in our nature,
Here lies Asia!
c.    Quiet and soothing,
It is all that I could feel,
Nature is with me.
d.    Green and blue I see,
The tranquillity is here,
Alone with nature.

e.    Nature is monster,
But it's a peaceful monster,
Treat it carefully.

Acrostic poem

a.    Always
b.    Perfectly

c.    Being
And it's

When I think of...

a.    When I think of a papaya,
I can see it's smooth curve,
I can smell it's juicy insides,
I can feel it's sweet temptations,
I can taste it's orange flesh touching my lips,
Yummy, yummy..!
b.    When I think of an pineapple,
I can see it's thorny appearance,
I can smell it's tempting warnings,
I can feel it's thorns stabbing my fingers,
I can taste it's worthy insides,
At the cost of small cuts, I'm happy!

c.    When I think of a coconut,
I can see it's already took a beating,
I can smell it's protective nature,
I can feel it's valuables inside,
I can taste it's heavenly fluids,
After cutting it in half, of course!

I'm old enough to, I'm young enough to

a.    I'm old enough to blame others,
I'm young enough to not to be blamed.
b.    I'm old enough to drink happily,
I'm young enough to drink irresponsibly.

c.    I'm old enough to read instructions,
I'm young enough to not follow it.

Hello, Goodbye

a.    Hello assignment,
Goodbye entertainment.
b.    Hello movie,
Goodbye money.

c.    Hello God,
Goodbye world.

I Wish I Was

a.    I wish I was a bird
I wish I had wings
I wish I could do things
High above the skies.
b.    I wish I was a superhero,
I wish I have superpowers,
I wish I could saves lives
And look good doing it!
c.    I wish I was an ant,
I wish I had super strong strength,
I wish I can be very important,
Even if I am too small!

Christmas Poem~

Christmas is made of things like these:
Hidden presents, sparkling trees,
Holly wreaths and candle glow,
Jingle bells and falling snow,
But the best part of Christmas
And all year too...
Are having the love ones
Just like you!