Thursday, January 2, 2014

When I think of...

a.    When I think of a papaya,
I can see it's smooth curve,
I can smell it's juicy insides,
I can feel it's sweet temptations,
I can taste it's orange flesh touching my lips,
Yummy, yummy..!
b.    When I think of an pineapple,
I can see it's thorny appearance,
I can smell it's tempting warnings,
I can feel it's thorns stabbing my fingers,
I can taste it's worthy insides,
At the cost of small cuts, I'm happy!

c.    When I think of a coconut,
I can see it's already took a beating,
I can smell it's protective nature,
I can feel it's valuables inside,
I can taste it's heavenly fluids,
After cutting it in half, of course!

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